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What talent do you have that you wish more people would recognize?

I can SING, bitches.



Yes, I know.

Did I mention I now have one? Jah.
Gonna re-shave my head this Christmas.

Without telling my Mom first.

Basically, I'm gonna look like Tank Girl.

Fuck yeah.

At School

Okay, here we go.

I'm getting out of Math class. Why? To check in on my favorite teacher. What is my favorite teacher doing? Talking to another student. I walk in on them; they say I can stay, but you can kindof tell they were talking about something important. Apparantly, the kid was doing drugs, and was almost busted by the school police. Now, this kid is someone I know; I could tell he was on drugs, but to actually freak over it? Jesus. (Every kid, no exeptions, is on some kind of drug at my school.) He asked out a friend of mine, twice, to be denied twice, and it must have hit him hard enough so that he does some serious crap, but still...

Also, I miss Yani! I saw her in the hallway today, and yeah. I walked her to her science class, kinda. So, here I am, skipping Math class, writing in a pretty-much defunct journal thing. Damn.

Well, On Saturday, I got an appointment with the hairqueenies to shave my head, Tank Girl style.

And for some reason, I'm totally not nervous.

I'm just worried about how it'll look, with the one chunk of hair in the front, cuz I got curly hair.

In otehr news, two of my new bras have sparkely turtles on em. :)
America has revoked my right to Free Speech.

This marks the beginning of the end.

If I'm messed up somehow after this very second, it was the government. RUN.

Quiz Bullshit

Online Dating

Mingle2 - Online Dating

Haha, fuckers.

This rating was determined based on the presence of the following words:

* shit (16x)
* fuck (10x)
* fucking (6x)
* crap (5x)
* hurt (4x)
* kill (3x)
* suck (2x)
* ass (1x)

Well, yeah; I am a pretty violent person. But I won't post this on the outside of my journal where it belongs, as a warning to other people, because I want them to come in and see. Sucks for them, but yeah. Anyways, onto the next one:

100% GeekMingle2 - Free Online Dating

HAHA, Bitches! Take the Nerd quiz and post your awnsers here for me, will ya? And don't lie! >:(


Mingle2 - Free Online Dating

Yeah, I'd die ALMOST first in a Zombie attack. You know, after Ana.


I got really, really pissed and decided to translate this shit myself because I couldn't find any pre-translated lyrics anywhere on teh internets, so I did this with much pausing on youtube:

NO BOY, NO CRY by STANCE PUNKS (Naruto Version, at least)

Boy, listen to me:
Humans aren't all that great;
And I don't need tomorrow anymore-
Don't hide your fist...
And then I awoke-
From that recoccuring dream:
I'm not just some punk!
Boy, the only one who can pull the trigger
to replenish the heart is YOU!
All the young people said:
"This is pointless; it can't be helped-"
In this beautiful world,
That's why I'm living!
All the young people said:
"No matter what,
We'll never forget the strife we've been through."
All the young people said:
"We're too young to die,"
Lined up against the scattered skies,
In this town-
All the young people said:
"On this windless night,
We're trying to change something."

There, you motherfuckers. NOW there's a translation on line! Google this, Bitch!

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