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My Freenet is LithiumFlower. Fucking add me to your peers, asshole, I need someone to connect nodes with. Thanks.

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Well. Where do I start? You could do some background check on me yourself by going to 11andweird to see my life from my view from 6th grade through 8th, if you feel suicidal and need an extra reason to kill yourself. (It's 1:34 AM when I'm writing this, so yeah. Whatever, man.) I'm in a Performing Arts acadamy at my present-tense school-Suprise, I'm actually filling one of these Bio things out correctly for once! Anyways, back to the thingy-the point thingy-:

I'm in Chorus, although I refuse to belive that I can sing. It''s not that I'm afraid or anything, it's just that "This Man" choked me once, and I've never been able to sing quite right after that, so I guess I'm afraid that my now-ruined voice will irritate my freinds and ruin something...I kno, I know, it's stupid, but...I cry over my voice sometimes, you know?

Anyways, on the note of freinds: My sister is/was bloodraven55, but now goes by gcbillyluver27. Time sucks. My BFF for the present-tense, gamejunkette, is the most awesome, reliable, kick-ass moral support and best friend anyone could ever find in another human being, or anything else, for that matter. At least, to me, anyways.

On a more, er, "personal" note, I'm a pretty out-there kid by (probably) your standards: "Victim" of Child Abuse and Domestic Violence. Lucky, right? The only freinds I've evr had either die or move away-A good, recent example: gamejunkette. Check out her journal or ask her for details on that;I don't want to rat out her personal life on my bio; that would be contarded. That's why she has a journal, anyways! Right?

Well, I cry alot when I have the energy and nobody's around-Which is a shame; I'd love to cry and have somebody there to hug me or something, but tears are supposed to be cold, right? At least, I've only had two occasions of warm tears in my life: The first was when I realized that somebody in this universe valued me and a HUman Being-Much like, dare I say, Naruto when he realizes that Iruka acknowledges him for existing. You really can't tell that feeling unless you've felt it yourself, and that;s the best thing I've ever felt. It's like having a warm blanket thrown over you randomly when you're out in the snow, or something. It's like a single, glowing, warm light in pitch black outside at night, with seemingly no hope for anything, anywhere. The second was during some point near/around/during/after summer school, when I realized the same thing again, but with a new feeling, too: I'm acknowledged. People say hello to me on a daily basis now.

Do you know how it feels to be completely alone? The first freind I ever had, bloodraven55, backstabbed me in 7th grade on my 12th birthday, on Oct.3rd. Do you know what we pledged to each other, in a blood oath? This is exactly what we said, word for word, the day before my birthday:

"If I die, would you die, too?"
"...Yes. Would you?"
"Yes. When we die, I don't want to die alone. Alright?"

The next day, she framed me, betrayed me, and for the first time in a long time, she ripped that warm blanket right off me, and only gamejunkette has managed to warm me up with real laughter and happiness ever since. It's been that long since a real freind, and...

Sometimes, when I cry, I cut so deep into my soul that I think it actually bleeds. If only people could see that blood, and stop it from bleeding...

This is a nice song/video to sum up my feelings: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bt0GA9KNDUE

"If you died, I would die too..."

Damn, that was deep! Now, on to the fun, useless shit!

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